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DST Diagnostische Systeme & Technologien GmbH

DST GmbH to launch the world’s first 30-minute rapid POC test for food intolerance

Hamburg, Germany - Schwerin based Diagnostische Systeme und Technologien GmbH will launch the world’s first 30 –minute rapid POC test for food intolerance, NutriSMART, at this year‘s MEDICA fair in Dusseldorf in November. Requiring just a single drop of finger prick blood from the patient, the NutriSMART device can detect food intolerances against 57 foods in just 30 minutes. NutriSMART employs innovative microfluidics and does not require a reader or additional equipment.

There is a growing trend of people showing adverse reactions to different foods within their diet – generally termed as food intolerance. Symptoms include bloating, headache, fatigue, diarrhea, irritable bowel and other gastroenterology and dermatology related conditions.

These multifaceted symptoms of food intolerance could appear within a few hours or even days after the consumption of the food, making it difficult for the healthcare practitioner, and the patient, to identify the food or foods responsible for the symptoms. Due to these difficulties in diagnosis, symptoms are generally overlooked causing food intolerance to turn into a serious lifestyle disease.

“To address this specific need of diagnosing food intolerance early”, says Dr Florian Eckhardt, CEO of DST GmbH, “we have developed NutriSMART as a quick diagnostic and screening tool that will aid the healthcare practitioner to consider therapeutic options at the time of consultation, in order to alleviate the patient’s food intolerance symptoms”.

NutriSMART is a simple and fast test kit and the results are read by the naked eye. Minimal training is required to carry out the test and to interpret the results. The test is suitable for use by all healthcare professionals including pharmacists, nutritionists and dieticians. The 57 foods tested cover the dietary habits and 90% of the common foods consumed all around the world, making the test suitable for all geographical regions.

Press Conference at MEDICA for NutriSMART launch

Date: Tuesday 17 November 2015

Time: 16:00 – 17:00

Where: DST GmbH booth #3D67

About DST GmbH

DST GmbH specializes in allergy and food intolerance in vitro diagnostics and in the production of high quality allergen extracts. The range of products, both point of care (POC) and laboratory tests, caters to different laboratory and healthcare professional market segments. The list of more than 600 high-quality allergens extracts, both inhalation and food allergens, that are produced in-house is the largest on offer in the market.


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