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DMLP UNIT(Independent alarm, monitoring/recording system for refrigerators)

DMLP Unit extends the control, alarm and recording features of DMLP Digital Monitor® to existing refrigerators, freezers and cold rooms.It ensures maximum safety, independent monitoring and advanced interactive functionalities thanks to an independent probe, in order to achieve exclusive-control of the functioning of the equipment. It is fed by an automatically recharged battery to work in case of power failure; equipped with Dry Contact to remote the alarms to the Monitoring Office of the installation. Self-Diagnostic functions interactive to test the alarm system (Hi/Lo temperature). The correct functioning of the independent alarm system is consequently granted, increasing the efficiency of the eventual validation procedure
Monitor Resolution: 0,1 °C
Monitor accuracy: +/- 0,3 °C
SD Back-Up memory to store 5 years of operation. The SD is provided with executable software to be instantly read by any Windows Computer. Data available: temperatures,door logs, critical events (alarms and failures), parameter modifications, alarm limits modification and power failures on a long-term basis. Dmlp Printer can be supplied as accessory.
A reliable and cost-effective back-up of the equipment operations, easy to use and upgradeable.