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DIMDI: More Full-Text Databases for Literature Searches

Two new literature databases with online full-texts now broaden the database offer of the German Institute of Medical Documentation and Information: What’s more, the full-texts of an additional 60 medical and psychological journals from the publishing houses Hogrefe and Hans Huber and Krause & Pachernegg are searchable right away.

DIMDI is already offering online access to complete articles from the medical journals of the publishing houses Karger, Kluwer, Springer and Thieme as well as Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins. Counting the two new literature databases, DIMDI now has full-texts of publications from more than 1,200 medical journals readily available online.

The Hogrefe-Verlagsdatenbank (publishing house database) contains more than 11,000 English and German documents from 44 medical and psychological journals of the publishing houses Hogrefe and Hans Huber as of 1996. The full-texts are available in HTML-format and since publication year 2002 as PDF-file, too. Short summaries are accessible in English and German and in some cases in French and Italian as well.

Since 1998 the Krause & Pachernegg Verlagsdatenbank (publishing house database) offers approx. 3,000 predominantly German-language articles from 13 medical journals and 3 newsletters of Austrian societies. The fields mainly covered are endocrinology, nutrition, gynaecology, hypertension, cardiology, neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry and urology. Short summaries are written primarily in German and English.

Bibliographical data or subject headings are searchable free of charge in both publishing house databases. Direct access to electronic full-texts is possible from the literature search. You can access the electronic full-texts of the Krause & Pachernegg Verlagsdatenbank free of charge by linking to the internet page of their publishing house; however, you have to pay for the full-texts of the Hofgrefe-Verlagsdatenbank.

If you acquire a License Agreement with DIMDI, it will be possible to gain access to all public databases. Invoices will be issued on a quarterly basis for the documents or full-texts that are available for a fee. Users without a contract can pay for full-texts by credit card.

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DIMDI Cologne (German Institute of Medical Documentation and Information) provides all fields of public health with a top quality information supply, including more than 80 databases, on the internet.
DIMDI is publisher of the German versions of the Medical Classifications, such as the ICD-10, ICF, the procedure classification OPS-301, MeSH and UMDNS. DIMDI also developed the information systems on drugs, medical devices and Health Technology Assessment (HTA).