DESOBATH WIPES: Premium quality wipes -- MEDICA Trade Fair


Dr. Schumacher GmbH Desinfektion & Hygiene

DESOBATH WIPES: Premium quality wipes


With its DESOBATH WIPES Dr. Schumacher GmbH is exhibiting an innovation in the field of moist cleansing wipes at this year’s Medica in Düsseldorf. The product is perfect for the soft and gentle cleansing of highly sensitive skin.

“As a hygiene expert with its own non-woven fabric production facility, we are ideally equipped to offer our customers a perfectly coordinated high-quality product. The special feature of DESOBATH WIPES is the premium quality of the non-woven fabric”, explained Michael Pfaffenbach, Head of International Sales at Dr. Schumacher GmbH.

The wipes are soaked in a solution containing allantoin and panthenol which has a soothing and caring effect on the skin. The soft non-woven fabric is especially kind to the skin. Whether cleansing the entire body or just certain areas, the very large and highly tear-resistant 22 x 33 cm wipes are for use not only in stoma and incontinent patients but also in immobile patients. DESOBATH WIPES are also suitable for use following radiation treatment. This particular situation invariably requires soft cleansing that does not involve the use of soap and water.

DESOBATH WIPES are for both warm and cold use. The special packaging allows the wipes to be heated directly in a microwave oven or cooled in a refrigerator. Whether patients have a fever or require something cool on hot days, DESOBATH WIPES can be used in either case. Safe patient care is guaranteed with the product, as it is single-use, thus preventing the spread of bacteria and micro-organisms.

To date, the product is only available outside Germany.