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DEGUM certifies Frankfurt Sonography Course for Prehospital Ultrasound


The German Association of Medical Ultrasound (DEGUM) lately confirmed the certification of the established training concept in Frankfurt for the „prehospital sonography“. Since 2003 this working group has held 17 courses in the Institute to Rescue Medicine of the Fire Department in Frankfurt. Thereafter the one-day course for the usage of ultrasound diagnosis devices in the prehospital emergency medical aid was attended by more than 300 emergency physicians and paramedics. The working group carried out further courses in the federal republic of germany. Presently the courses are held in german however they plan to held courses in English language.

Course concept
The one-day course includes both theory and hands on training. Theory includes a general introduction to the problem of the abdominal Trauma, the physics of ultrasound as well as the causes and the relevance of artefacts and shadows that may be encountered during an ultrasound investigation. Participants are introduced to the rationale for performing ultrasound as part of trauma management and are taught how to integrate ultrasound into the algorithm of trauma care. Numerous pictures and videos give a good overview of the phsyiological and potential pathologic situations. During the hands-on training, participants have to perform the ultrasound procedure under the supervision of experienced emergency Physicians. The ratio of instructors to students is 1 to 2. Under supervision each participant conducts around 40 ultrasound investigations on volunteers as well as on patients with positive diagnostic findings.

In the first part of hands-on training, participants have to perform the standardized procedure of abdominal ultrasound on both healthy volunteers and patient with intraabdominal diagnostic findings. In the second part of the hands-on training, participants learn how to perform the ultrasound procedure under time pressure. Furthermore they learn the usage in abnormal positions. Participants are given sufficient time to ask questions and to repeat the standardized procedure. In the third part of the training course, real time scenarios are presented with healthy or patient volunteers found in critical situations following an accident. These scenarios include surgical triage of the victims or volunteers trapped in the wreckage of a vehicle. The participants learn how to handle the ultrasound diagnosis devices within the scenarios. The ultrasound course is carried out using the portable ultrasound device PRIMEDICTM HandyScan manufactured by the company Metrax GmbH in Rottweil (Germany). The device is specially developed for emergency medical services.

The course is evaluated with 11 points by the Hessian country medical association. The current information on course dates, registration to the course is available at
Prehospital Ultrasound
Meanwhile the value in using ultrasound in life saving as well as in the emergency medical service has been well proven and contributes to the optimisation of the prehospital treatment as well as the early hospital management of injured patients. The information advantage facilitates the subsequent tactical and hospital process optimisations, which increases efficiency and offers a high proportion of cost-saving for healthcare. Numerous case studies support the lifesaving effect and feasibility in the Prehospital.

Further information on ongoing scientific studies, case studies, as well as on course registration is available at .

The Company
Medical Technology „Made in Germany“ – METRAX GmbH
METRAX GmbH is a german privately owned company, which has been setting the standards in the field of medical technology for the emergency medical care for over 30 years through its innovative and high quality products.

Since 1989 the medical products have been manufactured, developed and marketed under the registered trade mark PRIMEDIC™. METRAX GmbH started with simple, intuitive to operate defibrillators eg. PRIMEDIC™ Defi-N, and the product range has been completed by devices for the professional use such as PRIMEDIC™ DefiMonitor Series and Automatic External Defibrillator of the PRIMEDIC™ Heart Save Series. PRIMEDIC™ HeartSave AED and PRIMEDIC™ HeartSave AED-M (with monitor) have been developed for the use by lay users. Easy and safe handling is ensured by one button operation. PRIMEDIC™ HeartSave 6 as well as PRIMEDIC™ HeartSave 6S are designed for professional users. For the first time, in AED a full-fledged 6-channel-ECG is combined with the pulsoxymeter in a modular design. PRIMEDIC™ offers a wide product range for lay users up to professionals.

The latest development is the defibrillator PRIMEDIC™ DefiMonitor XD, which differentiates itself through its very compact design, modularity and practical accu management. The professional emergency medical service can obtain latest biphasic-defibrillation technology at surprisingly low prices. For detailled information kindly visit

The portable ultrasound device is specially designed for the emergency medical services by company METRAX GmbH in cooperation with the Department of Trauma Surgery of the University Hospital in Frankfurt (Germany). The use of the light weight 2 kg prehospital ultrasound device allows emergency physicians easily diagnose the patient with abdominal bleedings already at the place of the accident. This technical innovation in the emergency medicine was analysed in a number of scientific studies. The significant result is that the management of severely injured patients can be improved by means of prehospital ultrasound resulting in a significant improvement of the survival chances of the concerned patients. This information advantage provides the emergency physicians and the emergency room/ intensive care units of the hospitals, large scale improvements regarding inner hospital process optimisation, leading to substantial cost savings in healthcare. Research information concerning „prehospital ultrasound“ is available at

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