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Diagnostic Chemicals Limited

DCL launches Innovative Single-Vial, Liquid-Stable Calcium L3K Reagent

Oxford, CT . . . Diagnostic Chemicals Limited (DCL) has announced the availability of its new single-vial, liquid-stable Calcium L3K reagent. Recently receiving FDA 510(k) clearance for use with human serum, plasma and urine specimens, this new reagent will benefit medical and veterinary laboratory professionals, as well as life-science and pharmaceutical researchers alike.

Utilizing a pioneering methodology, a synthetic Phosphonazo III dye reacts with the calcium in the test sample, in the presence of a unique buffer system, to form a colored complex which is typically read spectrophotometrically at 660 nm. The use of this novel dye results in a reagent system with the specific performance characteristics of such traditional methods as Arsenazo III and o-CPC, but with much improved stability over other commercially available products. More importantly, as the reagent is arsenic-free it is “environmentally friendly” and eliminates concerns involving instrument modification to accommodate specialized drain and waste lines and the resulting waste disposal issues.

DCL’s new Calcium L3K reagent also demonstrates minimal patient sample requirements (typically three (3) uL), a lengthy on-board and calibration stability, single point calibration and negligible interference from bilirubin, lipemia, ascorbic acid and hemolysis. The reagent is available in a variety of operator-oriented packaging configurations and is suitable for use with automated testing procedures. A full line of instrument applications is currently available for a number of chemistry analyzers. Additional quality control and calibration materials are also available to fully support the assay.

To receive additional information on DCL’s new Calcium L3K assay, and for an immediate response, please email us at productinfo@dclchem.com.
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