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D-Light DUO - shadowless LED headlight

In the past year, ErgonoptiX (Netherlands) released a number of new innovations in the field of surgery optics and headlights, including the revolutionary D-Light DUO, a dual headlight which provides 70% shadow reduction!

D-Light Duo – The 1st & only mini Shadowless LED Surgical HeadLamp

A Shadowless headlight system utilizing revolutionary features: Uniquely developed by ErgonoptiX for the D-Light Duo LED, these adjustments provide a highly accurate positioning of the individual LED lamps along your direct line-of-sight. This results in the best possible lighting of your work area.

Every surgeon should have one !

The D-Light Duo surgical headlamp was developed by ErgonoptiX especially for use during surgery, where a (True color) bright light, with minimized shadows is a basic need, especially for deep cavity surgeries.

Line-of-sight lighting & 70% shadow reduction !
Where until now this could only be achieved by multiple overhead surgery lighting,
for the first time, the D-Light Duo offers a comfortable, shadowless LED headlight.

A: Adjustable declination angle
Direct the light to your working area
Flip-Up the lamp out of sight if not needed

B: Adjustable Convergence angle
For working at different distances

C: Adjustable pupil distance
Position each ocular exactly above your eyes so the light is in your line-of-sight.

2 x LEDs working as One !
Using a combination of 2 ultra-bright LED lamps on an ergonomically developed
hinge system, the ErgonoptiX D-Light Duo is the Surgical Head-Light of the future.

Line-of-sight lighting
70% shadow reduction
Ultra bright (150K lux)
True color: 6000 K
Multiple hinge mount system
Sharp Edge lit area
Light weight (25 gr)
4 step power level indication
Easily adjustable – Multi-user friendly

Cool Light:
Specially developed for the medical professional, D-Light Duo LED headlamps utilize an advanced cooling system ensuring the lamp does not get too hot to touch, and will not burn your fingers if touched.

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