System Industrie Electronic GmbH

Customer-specific technology for intuitive instrument control

The development of customer-specific HMI solutions in the normative areas of medicine as well as analysis technology, bio technology and laboratory technology requires many years of experience. With the internally developed, continuously expanded HMI platform consisting of highly functional software and hardware modules and a variety of touch screens and displays it is possible to combine individuality and a platform-based approach.

The HMI platform takes all the relevant norms and standards into account. The use of UL-listed materials and compliance with the FDA and CE regulations provide the framework conditions for the subsequent international use of the devices. In addition to feasibility analyses and conceptual studies, click dummies and rapid prototyping enable a customer-oriented, professional and cost-related solution.

A software and hardware package tailored to the customer and its system-based integration enable rapid market maturity. A comprehensive test management and the comprehensive technical documentation provide support throughout the certification process. The long term availability of the components used is ensured by the proactive product life cycle management.

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