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Current offer:human med shares

Buy into human med at 12.02 EUR per share
An investment in future technology – world market leader for water-jet operating systems is planning further innovations – subcription period is now open

human med AG in Schwerin, a world market leader for operating technologies in surgical water-jet dissection, is offering with immediate effect an opportunity to acquire shares in its business. Currently, human med produces two types of system which allow gentler operations in ground-breaking fashion:
the helix hydro-jet for water-jet operations with a broad spectrum of applications from the prostate gland to the brain, together with the body-jet designed specially for waterjet assisted liposuction (WAL).
In order that it can better tackle new projects in the research and development field, together with further plans for optimized operations in world markets,
the medium-sized company has decided to raise its capital stock by 500,000 EUR ñ representing 500,000 shares.

The Board of Directors consists of Michael Ohle MBA (born 1953), medical technology wholesaler from Reinbek, near Hamburg, and Marek N. Riegger (born 1964), a manager with many years of experience in multi-national companies. The capital structure is based on bearer shares.
The issue price per share certificate is 12.02 EUR. Interested parties must buy at least 4,500 share certificates. The subscription period runs until June 2006. The current issue
brochure can be requested in the company’s headquarters.

human med AG
Wilhelm-Hennemann-Str. 9
D-19061 Schwerin

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