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Curbell Announces their OnePatient™ Disposable Lead Wire

ORCHARD PARK, NY, November 3, 2008. Curbell Electronics, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of their OnePatient™ single patient use ECG lead wires to their patient monitoring product line.

Curbell’s OnePatient ECG lead wires are designed to reduce the spread of infection and minimize the risk of cross contamination. When integrated into current infection control programs, OnePatient ECG lead wires cost far less than a hospital-acquired infection.

OnePatient disposable ECG lead wires can be used with existing ECG trunk cables on all types of monitors and don’t require adaptors, making them interchangeable with reusable lead wires and easy to adopt by staff members. This also allows the lead wires to travel with a patient through various areas of the hospital for their entire stay, which will save facilities time and money. OnePatient ECG lead wires are available with snap or grabber connections, have color-coded ends for quick application, and are fully shielded for durability and to minimize signal interference and noise.

To find out more about Curbell’s OnePatient single patient use ECG lead wires, visit or call us at 800.235.7500.

Curbell Electronics, Inc. is a subsidiary of Curbell, Inc., a privately held company headquartered in Orchard Park, NY. Curbell Electronics has been in the healthcare industry since 1960. Today, Curbell Electronics is the industry’s largest supplier of replacement patient handsets. In addition, Curbell Electronics offers a full line of hospital and healthcare products for nurse call systems, patient monitoring, beds, fall management, and paging.