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CueSee® online

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Do you want to enhance your quality control program by comparing your results with those of your peers?

Eurotrol has created a web-based tool to do just that with
CueSee Online - A simple way to compare your quality control data with peers.

CueSee Online is free with Eurotrol QC and linearity products. Result entry is easy with our customizable import tool providing immediately available statistics, reports, graphs, and peer data comparison.

Visit our booth and get a free demonstration of CueSee Online or go to

ACU-Drop® II

ACU-Drop® II is a unique, patented packaging form that is revolutionizing quality control in the IVD market.

The innovative, dual chambered device keeps various fractions separated, preventing reactions between components of the desired matrix. When ready, the user simply pushes a button to allow the fractions to combine. Then mix and the sample is ready to use, either from the built-in dropper bottle or by attaching a syringe.

This concept is ideal for creating liquid matrices that are as close to human specimens as possible and suitable for quality control, calibration verification, proficiency testing, competency assessment, method validations and lot comparisons.

ACU-Drop II will open doors in the quality control arena with its ease of use, elimination of the need for pipetting and by solving matrix interactions - all in a single container.


ACU-Drop® is Eurotrol’s unique, new dropper bottle featuring a dropper tip and hinged cap all in one piece.

This new design concept allows users to open, dose and close the bottle with one hand. With its hinged cap, ACU-Drop® eliminates the possibility of losing or transposing traditional screw-caps. With the dropper tip and cap integrated into one piece, one step may be reduced from the filling process.
ACU-Drop® is available in various colors and bottle sizes that suit many needs, available filled or ready for your own product.