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Cordless Welch Allyn Device Transforms, Modernizes Pelvic Exam Procedure for Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Skaneateles Falls, N.Y., June 26, 2007—Welch Allyn, a leading manufacturer of frontline medical products and solutions, recently introduced the KleenSpec® Disposable Vaginal Specula and Cordless Illumination System. The new device, designed for hospital and ambulatory care OB/GYN settings, features an advanced LED light source that provides enhanced visualization of the exam area by supplying brighter, whiter light with significantly less heat than traditional lamps. The cordless illumination system fits directly into the new KleenSpec® Disposable Vaginal Speculum and may also be used as an all-purpose light source.
“Our traditional KleenSpec® Vaginal Specula and Illumination System has been totally redesigned, providing the key features our customers have come to enjoy plus a number of important and exciting enhancements,” said Ellen Woonton, senior product manager, Women’s Health at Welch Allyn. “The newly designed light pipe on the specula provides a homogeneous spot and eliminates glare-back, projecting light forward—right where it is needed most. This device will literally change the way our customers see their patients.”
The new 590 Series KleenSpec® Vaginal Specula are single-use to eliminate the time and expense of reprocessing and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. They are made of smooth, molded acrylic that will not pinch or bind tissue, and their wider handles provide improved ergonomics, better balance, and are easier to manipulate during exams.

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P. 2 – June 26, 2007
KleenSpec® Disposable Vaginal Specula and Cordless Illumination System

“This new cordless illumination system easily fits right into the new KleenSpec®
Disposable Vaginal Specula, and features automatic on/off—saving precious time and energy,” Woonton added. “When the illuminator is inserted into the specula it turns on automatically, and once it is removed the light goes off. There are no cords to get in the way or break during procedures. With continuous on-time of 80 minutes, and a rechargeable lithium ion battery, it is a must-have for every physician’s office, hospital or clinic that is interested in efficiency and patient comfort.”

For more information about the KleenSpec® Disposable Vaginal Specula and Cordless Illumination System, please call 800.535.6663 or visit www.welchallyn.com.

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Welch Allyn, Inc. was founded in 1915 and is today a leading manufacturer of innovative medical diagnostic and therapeutic devices, cardiac defibrillators, patient monitoring systems, and miniature precision lamps. Headquartered in Skaneateles Falls, New York, USA, Welch Allyn employs more than 2,300 people and has numerous manufacturing, sales, and distribution facilities located throughout the world. Additional information on Welch Allyn and its products may be found at www.welchallyn.com.