HNP Mikrosysteme GmbH

Controlled Dispense Module µDispense in analytical instrumentation

For the controlled delivery of smallest liquid amounts, HNP Mikrosysteme presents the Micro Dispense Module μDispense with integrated flow sensor at Compamed 2016.
The dispense module μDispense guarantees safe liquid handling both for new device developments and for the replacement of syringe pumps in existing systems. It communicates via syringe pump commands and offers the same interface for mechanical integration.
The integrated flow sensor regulates the volume flow in the range from 5 to 1000 μl/min. The specified setpoint volume flow is reliably achieved in the shortest possible time (see diagram).
In addition to pipetting smallest liquid amounts during the dosing process, rinsing with high flow rates of up to 72 ml/min is also possible.
The core element of the module is a long-lasting and robust micro annular gear pump. µDispense has a modular design. The flow sensor is optional and the module can be equipped with up to three fluidic inputs, with filters on request. The wetted components are selected according to application-specific requirements.
For precise dispensing and delivery tasks in the area of analytical instrumentation, µDispense offers development engineers a suitable alternative to the commonly used syringe pump.

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