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Connect the Pocket-PC to your Brain


The direct connection between the human brain and a computer, a so-called Brain-Computer Interface (BCI), is what research groups all over the world are working on feverishly. And they are successful! First demonstrations have already been realized: tetraplegic patients control hand prostheses; completely paralyzed persons write letters to their relatives again and they do it all with the power of their thoughts.
At MEDICA 2007 g.tec Guger Technologies OEG presents the worldwide smallest BCI device based on a Pocket PC.

In several research projects patients successfully produce control signals with the device to select letters and words or to control specific functions of a wheelchair or prosthetic device. The Pocket-BCI enables the first time a mobile operation of the device which can also be used outside of the research lab. The producer g.tec supplies well known research centers all over the world with the technology and is also active in this research field for 10 years.

g.tec, seated in Graz/Austria, has developed the first “wearable” BCI hardware based on a Pocket PC. A super-low-weight biosignal recording system “g.MOBIlab” is used to measure the EEG. Data processing, analysis and pattern recognition are performed on a commercially available Pocket PC.

By the way…
BCI-technology developed by g.tec is also used in the EC project “PRESENCCIA”: participants of the studies are enabled to move themselves through a virtual environment “by thoughts” only. The experiments are taking place in a highly immersive stereo projection environment located at University College London, called “CAVE”.

Christoph Guger, Ph.D.
g.tec Guger Technologies OEG
Herbersteinstrasse 60
8020 Graz
Tel: ++43-7251-22240-12

Information about the Pocket BCI:

Medica, Düsseldorf, Germany,
14. - 17.11.2007: Hall 17, Stand: C20-3
Live demonstrations of the BCI are from Wednesday until Saturday
at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

ICAT 2007, Esbjerg, Denmark,
28. - 30.11.2007: Annual Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence

BCI 2000 workshop, Rome, Italy,
5. – 6.12.2007

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