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Conductive Compounds Announces AGCL-823

Hudson, NH –- March 3, 2010 - Conductive Compounds Inc., a specialty material manufacturer for the printed electronics and electronics assembly industries based in Hudson, NH, (USA) announces AGCL-823, a new silver/silver chloride single component epoxy for printed disposable medical sensor applications.

AGCL-823 is designed for EEG and EKG sensors made using very aggressive hydrogels that can attack other types of printed silver/silver chloride inks, increasing the electrical resistance of the sensor over time. AGCL-823 is a one-part thermoset epoxy with a very long shelf life that can be screen printed onto a wide variety of substrates such as polyester, polyimide, vinyl, urethane and polycarbonate, and cured quickly by in-line conveyor ovens. It is highly conductive and provides excellent moisture, temperature, solvent and acid resistance while maintaining good flexibility.

AGCL-823 can also be used for manufacturing printed blood glucose sensors and disposable defibrillator pads. AGCL-823 is compatible with all Conductive Compounds’ silver conductive inks, carbon resistive inks, silver conductive epoxy adhesives and UV curable encapsulants, screen printable dielectrics and conformal coatings. It complements our other medical sensor products, AGCL-675 and AGCL-675C Silver/Silver Chloride Conductive Inks.
AGCL-675 and AGCL-675C Silver/Silver Chloride Conductive Inks are designed for high speed screen printing of EKG, EEG and blood glucose sensors, as well as disposable
defibrillator pads. Both inks dry very quickly after printing. AGCL-675C offers a coarser surface finish, allowing maximization of surface contact area on the finished sensor if needed. Both AGCL-675 and AGCL-675C adhere to polyimide, polyester, vinyl, urethane, polycarbonate and other plastic substrates, and are highly conductive, scuff resistant, crease resistant and extremely tough.

All Conductive Compounds’ R&D and manufacturing takes place at its Hudson, N.H. facility. Products are generally shipped within 48 hours after an order is received. For product information on Conductive Compounds’ full line of inks and adhesives visit:

About Conductive Compounds
Conductive Compounds Inc., founded in 1994, is a worldwide provider of materials for the electronics industry. It specializes in electrically conductive and resistive inks and coatings, electrically conductive and thermally conductive adhesives, potting compounds, ultraviolet-cured dielectrics, encapsulants and conformal coatings, radio opaque inks, silver and silver chloride inks, PTC carbon inks for printed heaters, and pressure sensitive variable resistance transducer inks. CCI’s materials are used to manufacture membrane switches, EL panels, touch screens, EKG and EEG medical sensors, cell phone and RFID antennas, rigid and flex circuits, printed heaters, solar panels, potentiometers, rheostats, medical devices and for EMI/RFI shielding and thermal management of electromechanical assemblies. The company specializes in custom developing products for unique applications and backing its products with unsurpassed technical support and customer service. For further information, call 603-595-6221, email or visit
PTC—Positive Thermal Coefficient
RFID—Radio Frequency Identification
EMI—Electromagnetic Interference
RFI—Radio Frequency Interface
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