Completely Closed 24” ACL-Panel PC and ACL Monitor with HD Resolution for Medicine

ACL OP-PC 2407

ACL GmbH from Leipzig, Germany is showcasing its new ACL OP-PC2407 model with a 24” screen diagonal (61 cm). This is the first time that full HD resolution can be shown with 1,920 x 1,200 pixels in the state-of-the-art 16:10 format. The outstanding qualities of the ACL OP-PC series are the fanless aluminium housing enhanced for convection cooling and a particularly high level of reliability in 24/7 operation. This design sets great store by hygienic criteria and a long service life. These models were developed focusing on applications in the patient environment of operating theatres and intensive-care wards and are in conformity with the German DIN EN 60601 standard.

ACL OP-PC2407 has an Intel® Core™2 duo processor (1.6-2.1 GHz) and as many as four GB of RAM central memory featuring maximum computer performance in the smallest space. The basic model already has three gigabit LAN and six USB2.0 ports, four serial interfaces, sound and a firewire port. Its modular design and a whole series of available upgrades make it possible to use ACL OP-PC in a wide variety of medical applications such as for patient data management systems (PDMS) or observation workstations in PACS systems.

Some typical optional equipment is decoupling modules for interfaces, WiFi/WLAN integration, its integrated emergency-power supply and DICOM-compatible displays. Its unique ACL storage battery system for putting the final touches on the rolling wagon of various manufacturers spells out 24 hours of uninterrupted mobile application. But that’s not all. The new ACL MD-24 monitor is also available based on the same module. Its display has 400 cd/m², making it particularly bright and it has an all-round 89° angle of vision enabling you to read it from all directions. The high-quality display also has a contrast of 1,000:1 for extraordinarily brilliant and focused images. The monitor port of the ACL OP-PC2407 needed for a two-shield system is standard equipment.

ACL GmbH is headquartered in Leipzig, Germany and since 1997 it has been one of the high-profile manufacturers of compact computer systems and monitors for medical applications in the patient environment of operating theatres and intensive-care wards. We also have OEM versions of all products at your request. The new ACL OP-PC2407 and MD-24 models are available immediately.

Please get directly in contact with the following person with all of your queries:

Dr. Holger Noffz (CEO)
Deutscher Platz 4
Leipzig, 04103
Tel: +49 341 230 78-30
Fax: +49 341 230 78-99
email: Info@ACL-GmbH.de
Internet: www.oppc.de