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Complete Medical Services at MEDICA

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We are pleased to announce that Jeff Rubinoff, Vice President of Complete Medical Services will be in attendance at the Medica Congress. Joining Jeff will be Bruce Wallace, International Sales Manager, and Steve Adams, Parts Sales Manager.

Scheduled meetings are being set now.

Steve Adams will be at the booth as well as walking the floor meeting with many of our existing dealers discussing Parts availability for bone density, c-arm, X-ray, CT.

Both Jeff Rubinoff and Bruce will spend the majority of the time manning the booth meeting with current and new dealers from around the world.

Just returning from a very successful trip to India. The anticipation for further growth in Europe is expected.

Even during an economic slow done globally, Jeff Rubinoff, recognizes that there are always opportunities in the market for those who are actively looking for them.

The medical market is growing rapidly and there opportunities are there for those who want them.