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Company History

We are a young future-oriented company based in Berlin. Since our foundation in October 2002, With a customer base of 140 organisations, companies and hospitals at home and abroad, Mednovo could securely establish himself onto the market within just a couple of years (as of January 2009).
Based on the development in 2002 of our product MediColor, for the medical documentation, the product MediAnes was generated in 2005, followed in 2006 from Nemesys and DocuMedis as a complementing module to MediColor.
With the beginning of operations since 2005, our engagement is also been beyond Germany. With the help of distribution partners we have been able to realise projects in Austria, the Netherlands and in the Arabian sector. As this juncture we do not only rely on our own engagement but also on strong cooperation with partners from the medical division hospital software like hospital information systems (HIS) and systems of archive.
Cooperation based on partnership is very important for us. The cooperation is of our interest as well as for medical engineering companies. By means of an individually adaptable HL7-interface, we offer a breadth range of medical devices to our software MediColor and therefore hospital information systems (HIS).
Since 2007, we could win a number of reputable manufacturers of medical engineering for customer and partner, among other things via the straight product extension of our HL7-BlackBox.
MEDNOVO looks back on a successful development within the last few years.
For satisfying the growing customer base, the number of employees has also be grown constantly and will also be increase in future.
We strategically pursue the strengthening of the previous market segment and conscious niche occupation. Instead of product diversification, we badger to intensify cooperation on this and to avoid the competition with existing and potential partners in their care areas and activity sector.
Due to existing partnerships and occurred profits, we trust in cooperative cooperation in future and also for the development of potentially new partnerships.
Furthermore it is our aim to be successful – within Germany and beyond the limits.