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Compamed 2017: The Berliner Glas Group presents new solutions for medical device manufacturers

The Berliner Glas Group contributes to important developments in medical technology by developing and producing optical, electronic and mechanical high-precision components, assemblies and systems. At this year's Compamed, the trade fair for suppliers and manufacturers of medical technologies, the Berliner Glas Group will present both new as well as tried-and-true solutions for medical device manufacturers:

RGB LED cold light source for endoillumination
With its innovative optical design, the new RGB LED cold light source from Berliner Glas allows for very high light injection even with the smallest light guides, and is thus also used in endoillumination.
Interested visitors can view the new RGB LED cold light source at the Berliner Glas Group booth (Hall 8a, Stand G19.6) and/or come for the specialized lecture from Berliner Glas titled “High-Brightness for Ultra-Thin Fibers – a New RGB LED Light Source for Endoillumination”. This specialized lecture will be presented on Tuesday, November 14, at 11:00 a.m. as part of the COMPAMED HIGH-TECH FORUM by IVAM in Hall 8a, Stand G40.

Technical glass for touch applications and glass touch display modules
The Business Unit “Technical Glass” of the Berliner Glas Group manufactures technical glass perfected to the needs of medical and laboratory technology. Structured glass made by Berliner Glas ensures excellent readability in the surgery room and laboratory, and has remarkable haptic characteristics. Additionally, glass is resistant to various chemicals, thus allowing use in areas where high hygiene standards must be followed.

Berliner Glas goes one step further and provides custom front modules for its customers. In doing so, customers choose the degree of the development stage: from the electronic components within sub-assemblies, the design glass front panel, an assembly with front frames and clearly defined interfaces all the way to connecting to the customer’s system – everything is possible.

More information on solutions for touch applications from Berliner Glas can be found at the exhibition booth as well as in the specialist lecture titled: “Technical Glass – Structured Surface for the Perfect Touch Application” on Wednesday, November 15, at 11:30 a.m. in the COMPAMED HIGH-TECH FORUM by IVAM (Hall 8a, Stand G40).
Fair visitors may listen to the lectures free-of-charge. 

Beam guidance systems for ophthalmological lasers
For more than ten years, SwissOptic AG, a company of the Berliner Glas Group, has supplied optical systems to large manufacturers of ophthalmic medical devices for laser-based eye surgeries (cataract and lasik). These optical systems are perfectly adapted to the specifications of the customer’s entire system. Due to the many years of experience the SwissOptic experts know the physiological requirements of treating the eye, and are always enhancing their optical solutions
The company's portfolio includes, in addition to beam expansion systems, zoomable lenses to focus from cornea to lens at various depths, visual systems for the observation channel, as well as optics for OCT applications. Reliable in-house system qualification and documentation ensure high product and patient safety.

These solutions and more will be presented at the Berliner Glas Group exhibition booth in hall 8a, stand G19.6. Interested visitors have the opportunity to speak with experts from Berliner Glas and SwissOptic about the newest ideas and product developments.

The Berliner Glas Group has been a long-term OEM partner for its customers. In collaboration with them, the company develops innovative system solutions, brings them to the production stage and thus, makes a valuable contribution in the value chain of its customers. The range of services in the field of medical and laboratory technology includes OEM solutions, technological modules, private label products, and glass touch assemblies.

More information as well as the option to arrange a direct meeting at the trade fair can be found on the following websites: and

About the Berliner Glas Group:
The BERLINER GLAS GROUP ( is one of the world’s leading providers of optical key components, assemblies and systems, high-quality refined technical glass as well as glass touch assemblies. With more than 1,200 employees, the BERLINER GLAS GROUP develops, produces and integrates optics, mechanics and electronics into innovative system solutions for its customers. As OEM partners from concept to volume production, the BERLINER GLAS GROUP companies serve innovative customers in various market segments – metrology, semiconductor industry, laser and space technology, medical technology and the display industry.

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