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Miele & Cie. KG, Vertriebsgesellschaft Deutschland

Compact Miele washer-disinfectors with innovative technology

At MEDICA 2008, Miele will be presenting a 90 cm wide washer-disinfector with an integrated drying unit, incorporating all the innovations of Miele's current large-capacity decontamination units on the smallest of footprints. The free-standing PG 8536 is due to be launched in May 2009 and will feature Profitronic+ controls and a PerfectTouch display for simple, error-free operation. On request, customers can also order Miele's special-purpose OxiVario, OxiVario Plus and OrthoVario programmes for optimum cleaning performance on challenging, critical instruments as well as a special programme for the thorough and gentle reprocessing of delicate ophthalmological instruments.

The large cabinet offers ample space for 7 DIN mesh trays, 3 AN sets, one to two MIS sets or 48 gynaecological specula. As such, this machine represents the ideal proposition for clinics and surgeries. All machines come prefitted with PerfectSpeed sensors to monitor and document spray arm rotation. The new, completely maintenance-free PerfectPure conductivity measuring system ensures that residue and undesirable substances in the wash liquor are promptly detected and not allowed to interfere with processing results. PerfectFlow dispensing controls reliably meter dispensed quantities, irrespective of the type of chemical agents in use.

If required, machines can be connected to Miele's remote maintenance system. In the event of a fault, Miele after-sales service is automatically notified and can take the necessary remedial action without delay to reduce machine downtimes.