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Diagnostics Biochem Canada Inc.

Commercial Release: Test for the Diagnosis of the Cause of Resistent Hypertension

Canadian company first in the world to develop and market a blood test based on generic ELISA platform for the determination of renin activity in human plasma.

London, Ontario October 28 - Diagnostics Biochem Canada Inc. (DBC), producer of in vitro diagnostic kits used in research and clinical diagnostic labs world-wide, announced today that its newest product Plasma Renin Activity (PRA) is now available in the widely used Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA). This platform does not use radioactive isotopes and presents superior performance and handling characteristics than commonly used RIA kits. Also, the DBC PRA kit provides more accurate and precise information than measurement of total renin concentration, another approach currently used by labs to evaluate the association of adrenal or renovascular conditions with the cause of resistant hypertension.

DBC announces that this kit has already been approved by Health Canada and is CE marked in most European Union countries.

“We have recognized the increasing demand for this product by physicians” says Head of Research and Development Dr. Jorge Cruz-Aguado. “We are very pleased to announce that DBC’s PRA ELISA kit is the first of its kind to be offered in the world and it joins a set of other products offered by DBC for the diagnosis of the causes of resistant hypertension”. This kit aids physicians to determine the origin of resistant or persistent hypertension in patients. For example, one of the conditions that can be identified with the aid of DBC’s PRA assay is primary aldosteronism, which is a condition associated with adverse cardiovascular problems. The occurrence of primary aldosteronism, previously estimated to be as low as 1%, is now documented to be 10% or higher in the hypertensive population. Therefore the launch of DBC’s PRA kit comes in the right moment to cover the growing demand for this test.

Aware that MEDICA is the world’s largest medical tradeshow DBC is taking this opportunity to show the medical community the kind of innovative research and diagnostic tools we are currently offering. DBC is pleased to announce that Dr. Jorge Cruz-Aguado is going to be present at MEDICA to be on hand to answer any questions or inquiries about our new PRA ELISA or other tests that DBC offers.

DBC has been developing and manufacturing immunoassay kits for more than 30 years. The company has a broad range of diagnostic products covering endocrinology, cancer, cardiovascular conditions and other diseases.

At MEDICA this year DBC would like to welcome the media, potential distributors and clients, as well as other visitors to the Diagnostics Biochem Canada Inc booth, K-51 in Hall #3.
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