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Cold produces fascinating

Cold as a therapy is indispensable in today's medical world. Thanks to today's micro technology meets our small cryosurgical device CRYOALFA , that fits easily into each lab coat, all requirements demanded by well-orientated user. CRYOALFA is mainly used in the removal of everyday-superficial skin lesions such as warts, keratosis, pigmentary disorders and many others, but also in other medical fields suchs as biomedical sciences, urogynecology, dentistry, veterinary medicine etc.
The therapy is simply, high-effectively with a success rate of 93% on average with as a rule one treatment and last but not least high-economically in price-earning-ratio.
Rightly the familiar wisdom goes also with our device CRYOALFA: "Simplicity is always technically most perfect and in the long run the solely affordable".
After the cold treatment, which lasts only a few seconds, begins a natural healing process for well-being of the patient without side effects and again and again with surprisingly good cosmetic results.
Future trends, we present in hall 3 / E74a Cryoalfa Europe / Cryoswiss Basel;