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Systematic A/S

Clinical Information System of the Future

Systematic Columna – for increased patient safety and greater efficiency

Systematic Columna is one of the market’s most advanced clinical information systems.

It is now in service in one in four Danish hospitals, making it the most widely used system in the country.

Complete integrated clinical workplace
The five Columna modules together form a complete, integrated clinical workplace, providing efficient support to the work of health professionals.

Systematic Columna provides doctors, nurses and medical secretaries with a way to carry out the majority of their clinical, planning and patient administration registration duties via a single one-stop solution.

Increasing efficiency and patient safety
This means Columna contributes to simplifying working processes at hospitals and making them more efficient, as well as making it possible to do more to ensure coherent care pathways and increase patient safety. At the same time, Columna automatically summarises and presents valuable information that management can use for better planning and decision making.

Suitable for everyone
Systematic Columna has been developed so that it is ideal for use in every hospital department and all levels of ambition.
Columna has not been customised to individual departments, or special wards or hospitals – it is designed for everyone to use and can be adapted to meet everyone’s needs, whether local, regional or national.

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