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Randox Laboratories Ltd.

Clinical Biochip Arrays – High Quality Multiplexing

Global diagnostic solutions company, Randox, are the developers of the innovative Biochip Array Technology (BAT). Widely used in laboratories worldwide, BAT is revolutionising clinical diagnostics. BAT is a multi-analyte testing platform allowing the simultaneous quantitative or qualitative detection of a wide range of analytes utilising multiplex ELISA methodology from a single patient sample. Randox provide a wide range of clinical Biochip Arrays including cardiac, endocrine, fertility, metabolic, thyroid and tumour markers. Four biochip analysers are available from Randox to run these arrays. Differing in size and application, there is an Evidence analyser for every laboratory.

Biochip Array Technology offers the following benefits:

• Multiplexing gives more results - multiple discrete test regions per biochip
• Accurate and precise – Intra and Inter-assay CV’s typically <10%
• Reduced analytical variation – multiplexing utilises an undivided patient sample
• Better patient diagnosis – multiplexing can improve diagnostic sensitivity
• Conserves valuable sample - multiple biomarker results from less than 100µl of patient sample per array
• Time saving – run multiple analytes simultaneously
• Reliable results – internal controls on each Biochip reduce false negatives
• Expanding test menu for novel and routine biomarkers – over 220 biomarkers under development