TRUMPF KREUZER Medizin Systeme GmbH + Co. KG

Clear Contrasts: New Light Technology Makes Differences in Organ Tissue More Clearly Visible

A big improvement in contrast amplification during operations and intra-operative diagnoses is the new lighting technology ContrastLine. It uses narrow-band light from coloured LEDs to make differences in organ tissues and tissue types even more clearly visible. This lets surgeons remove tumours, for example, more carefully and completely because they can better differentiate them from healthy tissues. This light also supports the use of contrast agents, making ultraviolet and radioactive radiation for contrast enhancement in the OR superfluous. ContrastLine is integrated as a lighting technology into the iLED operating lamp. During an operation, the surgeon switches to ContrastLine mode when required and illuminates the tissue marked with injected liquid. ContrastLine stimulates the tissue to illuminate. The effect can be strengthened by observing the tissue on a monitor through a camera integrated into the lamp and fitted with a special filter. With the new TruVidia HD OR light camera, which TRUMPF is as also presenting at MEDICA, these images can be sent live around the globe in high-definition quality. Surgeons therefore have the opportunity to connect their knowledge worldwide and give reliable second opinions. Thanks to the detailed, three-dimensional pictures and the sharp contrasts the physician has the same view as being present directly at the operation.