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Cleankeys Inc.

Cleankeys Launches 3rd Generation Keyboard

Cleaning Map show when keyboard is clean

A new study shows that a staggering 58% of computer keyboards used in hospitals are contaminated with harmful bacteria, making them among the most dangerous commonly-touched surfaces in modern healthcare. Today, Cleankeys Inc. announced two products aimed at solving that problem: the third generation CK3-17 cleanable keyboard, and CleanSweep™ monitoring software.

The new CK3-17 keyboard uses optional industrial-strength Corning® Gorilla® Glass and incorporates patented Touch-Tap™ technology for ease of use, making it the most technologically advanced solid-surface keyboard available today.

CleanSweep monitoring software detects the thoroughness of keyboard cleaning, and alerts users with a “clean gauge” that moves from clean to dirty based on keyboard use. It also incorporates cloud computing that allows infection control professionals to monitor all CK3-17 keyboards from anywhere in their facility’s network. Reminders, alerts, tracking, and reports can be customized according to each hospital’s policies.

Dr. John Conly at the Ward of 21st Century in Calgary Alberta directed the study and presented the results at the 2012 meeting of the Canadian Association for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases in Vancouver.

Dr. Conly states: “People are going from wound care of a patient to immediately entering information into the computer. They can carry the microbes from that procedure onto the keyboard. Preventive technology, such as Cleankeys & CleanSweep, can be game-changing in helping to reduce the spread of these hospital pathogens.”

The study, which is the largest of its kind, sampled 230 keyboards in multiple hospital wards over a 3-month period. It found that not only were 58% of keyboards contaminated with harmful bacteria (including fecal flora), but 15% continued to be contaminated after cleaning. By comparison, 0% of Cleankeys keyboards were contaminated after cleaning.

“Given the seriousness of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), we felt it vital to have an automated method of ensuring keyboard cleaning is actually taking place,” says Cleankeys CEO Randy Marsden. “We've introduced CleanSweep monitoring software with our new keyboard to help increase compliance. Today's launch marks the successful outcome of years of engineering, and the start of a safer environment for staff, patients, and visitors in healthcare facilities of the future.”