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Cleaning of Critical Wounds – “WASHOUT” BAG

Treatment of lesions or bedsores is crucial. It occurs through the formation of a connective tissue which becomes covered by the multiplication of the epithelial cells and the migration of these cells from the lesion’s borders to its centre. It is influenced by local factors as well as by systemic factors The lesion treatment can be altered basing on the patient’s condition, the type of wound and its evolution. The basic principle is to encourage the lesion’s recovery, respecting the natural environment in which the tissue restoring process, granulation and reepithelization take place, and to avoid conditions that could slow them down, such as humidity, pH and temperature variation.
Born and registered directly from Haemopharm’s Research and Development Department, the WASHOUT bag for the cleaning of critical wounds allows a better removal of the inflammatory agents and/or of possible residuals of previous medications, reduction of bacterial colonizations, it decreases the risk of infection and it speeds up the regeneration of tissues and so the healing.
The bag can be filled with every kind of solution required including gels. The Ringer Lactate is the best one because of the potassium salts content that seems a good help for cutaneous trophism.
WASHOUT is a patent pending product of Haemopharm Healthcare, a company certified by UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI EN ISO 13485:2007.