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Cisa announces new sterilization technology in MEDICA

On Wednesday November 14th Cisa unveiled its new, revolutionary technology for steam sterilization. The technology, called Aquazero, is related to the water consumption of normal steam sterilizers, and will be used to increase sterilization efficiency and reduce water consumption by up to 95 per cent. With a shorter process time which will automatically increase productivity and improve the unit cost of sterilization.

“Aquazero will help conserve water resources worldwide”, said Iyad Alamleh, International Sales Manager of Cisa, at the press conference which was held during Medica 2007 in Düsseldorf. “The steam sterilization process uses vast amounts of water. Futhermore, in many areas of the world water is either too hot, or too hard, or both, which requires further treatment”.

Aquazero is a technology that can also be used to upgrade existing sterilization equipment.

After the Press Conference a Presentation was held t the Cisa stand, in front of large crowd, with a show