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Circumference measuring made easy

Circumference measurements are a simple but informative diagnostic method. For example, measuring the circumference of a baby’s head helps to control the child’s development. Measuring the circumference of waist and hips to determine the waist-to-hip ratio helps to diagnose the risk of cardiovascular illnesses in the case of obese patients. And, in the case of persons susceptible to thrombosis, knowing the circumference of their arms or legs is essential.

Circumference measuring tape seca 203 – with waist-to-hip ratio function
An indispensable aid to determine the ratio of waist to hip is the new circumference measuring tape seca 203. The tape has a WHR calculator to ascertain the waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) and is therefore a real novelty on the world market! Two scales are affixed to the outside of the tape casing, one for the hip and one for the waist circumference. Once the two values have been determined, the scales are adjusted so that the two values are positioned together. The waist-to-hip ratio then appears in a small window and is easy to read. The measuring tape measures up to 205 cm. Measuring with millimetre precision is guaranteed due to the infinitely variable locking function. By inserting the end of the measuring tape into the round casing, the tape can be operated with one hand.
The tape rolls up automatically and the exact value is determined. And, with the automatic roll-up function, the measuring tape rolls up completely and smoothly within seconds.

Circumference measuring tape seca 201 – small and handy
The circumference measuring tape seca 201 is small, handy and designed for speedy circumference determination. High-quality materials and a functional design ensure a long service life. The end of the tape is reinforced so that its stability is not impaired even after numerous measurements have been taken. Thanks to the automatic roll-up, measuring is easy. The measuring tape measures up to 205 cm with a graduation of 1 mm.