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ChromaLUME™ Plasma Light Source Revolutionizes O.R. Illumination

BFW’s ChromaLUME™ Turbo plasma light source is the first innovation in high-intensity fiber-optic surgical headlight and lighted instrument illumination technology in more than two decades.

ChromaLUME™ Turbo is the most intelligent means to ecologically minded, energy efficient and functionally stable illumination for the operating room offering an unprecedented 10,000-hour lamp that provides sunlight equivalent (5,800 Kelvin) light – equaling and exceeding 300 Watt Xenon, the current industry standard, while affording considerable operational cost savings to hospitals and surgical centers.

Manufactured in the USA by BFW™, ChromaLUME™ Turbo introduces LIFI (Light Fidelity), a ground-breaking solid-state plasma bulb that eliminates decaying electrodes, while producing longer lasting whiter and brighter illumination with safer and more consistent high intensity, full spectrum output than xenon or metal halide bulbs.

According to BFW President/CEO Lynn R. Cooper, “With 38 years of experience in the industry, our engineering team decided to not push xenon beyond its limits as a surgical illumination application. It is time to introduce the next innovation in dynamic surgical lighting.”

ChromaLUME™ Turbo offers unmatched, innovative features:

o Unprecedented 10,000 or MORE Hours of Consistent, Intense Lamp Life
In Normal Mode LIFI® technology produces in excess of 170,000 LUX or 17,000 foot-candles, while in Turbo Mode the light output can be increased to exceed 200,000 LUX or more than 20,000 foot-candles for at least 10,000 hours
of use.

o LIFI Plasma Stays Bright, White While Xenon or Metal Halide Decays
Unlike xenon or metal halide lamps that lose intensity and color temperature after 100 hours of use, LIFI has no eroding electrodes and remains consistent throughout the life of the lamp while using one-third less energy.

o Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) = $0
LIFI® plasma bulbs last up to ten times more than xenon, eliminating the high cost of changing bulbs every 500 to 1,000 hours, saving the end-user up to $30,000 or more in the cost of ownership during the unit’s operational life span. TCO over a life span of 10,000 hours of the use for the ChromaLUME™ Turbo is $0 excluding initial capital investment.

o Extended Life of the Unit
LIFI plasma technology eliminates conventional failure modes and excessive heating associated with xenon and metal halide systems. The result is unprecedented reliability, significantly reducing cost of ownership and increasing up time.

BFW™ ChromaLUME™

o Ergonomic Design
With the surgical suite in mind, ChromaLUME™ Turbo offers flat membrane touch pad controls prohibiting build up of debris or contaminants on the unit, a low-profile four-port rotating turret accommodates most fiber optic cables, and digital screen readout indicates lamp life and intensity for easy assessment. ChromaLUME™ Turbo is constructed with the finest high-tech heat resistant materials and components that significantly contribute to longer life and up time

o Centralized Integration Compatible Serial port in the unit enables operation of the light source from a centralized computer control system location in the OR and provides operational maintenance information
o Stable and Flicker-free
ChromaLUME™ Turbo offers an extremely stable light output with no flicker or variation in intensity. As a result, signal-to-noise ratio is enhanced for sensitive applications requiring visualization and digital imaging such as use with the BFW™ Thru-the-Lens Headlight Video Imaging System, endoscopic, laproscopic and microscopic procedures.



The BFW™ ChromaLUME™ Turbo Headlight System includes BFW’s new XtremeBeam™, its 4th generation fiber optic headlight – an industry breakthrough in high-comfort ergonomics with the level of performance, engineering, design and technological advancements expected by the most demanding surgeon.

The New XtremeBeam™ Fiber Optic Headlight Offers Innovation and Comfort:
o Precision-ground glass lenses with anti-reflection coating, ensures significantly reduced glare, cooler illumination with accurate color viewing. Custom molded from preeminent reinforced polyamides, the ergonomically designed optic enables excellent temperature, dimensional stability and severe impact resistance that can hold up to the toughest conditions in any operating room
o Lever-actuated, fully adjustable iris precisely controls spot size. Made of new (not recycled) stainless steel leaves that will not degrade surpassing the performance of silver mirrors found in other headlights
o BFW’s signature 4.75 mm translucent blue fiber optic cable, with more than 9,000 strands of optic-grade glass fiber, delivers an incredibly high transmission of light. The fiber count in our cable affords usability with 30% damage
o Custom molded sturdy dual adjustment headband with Breathe-o-Prene™ padding to absorb and wick off sweat while ensuring the “Ultimate Comfort Fit™.” Lightweight Sport model is available for minimal headband interference

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