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China: AccuService

China: AccuService

OneLink: OneSolution (OLOS) is a dynamic, quality-driven network of international experts from independent companies who offer advanced regulatory consultation, directive assistance, language compliance solutions and new market penetration strategies.

AccuService is a quality control management service that bridges the gap between international companies and manufacturers. We will immerse ourselves in your China operations and strategically manage your supply chain to ensure that you receive the most cost-efficient, opportune, high quality, and stress-free experience.
AccuService maintains over 1,000 employees based in more than 30 service centers, labs, and offices around mainland China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Southeast Asia. Our services range from initial component inspections and pre-post production inspections, to shipment supervision throughout the entire supply chain process.
OLOS currently offers mutual clients regulatory expertise covering the global market domestic regulations in: EU (CE), USA (FDA), China (SFDA), Korea (KFDA), Brazil (AMVISA), Australia (TGA), Israel, India, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam. In addition, OLOS also provides the following services: continuous monitoring of regulatory compliance, Technical Construction File review, QMS implementation, product safety consultancy, product testing and certification services, call center services and Global Market Solutions business development.

OLOS’ vision is:

To have a committed network of independent associates who share the same high standards, qualities, and values.

To create an environment of reciprocity and equality among the network with its mutual clients

To maintain and perfect its set of solutions to answer the ever growing demand of global regulations

To serve new industries in which the network’s services are required

To further develop OLOS into a powerful and prominent network

Obelis will be featuring its OLOS network at Medica 2009 (