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ST+D Ltd., Sensor Technology & Devices

Chest Mounted Pulse Oximetry

Chest mounted SP02 monitor

ST&D, the designers of wireless vital signs monitors will be previewing a revolutionary new chest-based pulse oximetry system.

Using a patented optical technique, this system adds the fifth vital sign of SP02 to ECG, respiration, temperature and motion - all of which are monitored by ST+D devices with hugely reduced motion artefact.

The subject wears a small patch electrode, similar to a Band Aid, on which is clipped the miniaturised wireless monitor. This new technique allows for continuous monitoring, must faster response times and more efficient diagnosis based on a wider collection of vital signs.

Changes in Oxygen saturation can be picked up much more quickly at the chest compared to the normal monitoring point of the finger. This allows for much quicker diagnosis of changes.

ST+D devices already have significant on-the-chest processing power eg in monitoring ECG they can process and trigger on 10 different ECG arrhythmias.

By combining 5 vital signs in a single easy-to-wear monitor, much greater clinical data can be collected and much more reliable notifications provided of changes in the subject's condition.