Chemi-Luminescence Random Access System -- MEDICA Trade Fair


DIA.PRO Diagnostic BioProbes Srl

Chemi-Luminescence Random Access System

DIA.PRO is proud to annouce the Sales launch on our ChemiLuminescence Random Access System based on magnetic particles.

We've developed our system considering following market tendencies:

  • Acknowledgement of CLIA RA, as the substitute of micro-plate ELISA in infections and endocrinology diagnostics.

  • Fast migration of private and public sectors from ELISA to CLIA Random Access.

  • Complete automation concept as the driving force in IVD market.

  • Closed system business pattern.

  • Product support and QC factor as a major competition factor.


With our system CLIA/SARA, we offer:

  1. Top quality level, competing with the major worldwide producers

  2. Technological & marginal business

  3. In few years, to be a «golden business» with unique menu on-board

  4. Fast and complete support from the producer

  5. The product is targeted to be a tailor–made solution to your clients