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Check The Predisposition to Thrombosis

Thrombosis is a cardiovascular disease that affects millions of people. It is the third most-common cause of death, after myocardial infarction and stroke, in developed countries, with a mortality rate of 10 percent.

There are many risk factors: injuries, damage to blood vessels, lack of movement, obesity, smoking, hormonal disruptions, all of which can be promoted by genetic factors. Most thrombosis cases can be attributed to genetic factors. The known hereditary factors include mutations of F5 and F2 genes, encoding blood coagulation factors.
The F5 gene (Leiden) mutation causes structural changes to coagulation factor V protein that inhibit inactivation, leading to enhanced coagulation. F2 gene polymorphisms significantly increase the prothrombin and consequently thrombin concentration in blood, which results in a shift to greater coagulation.
Astra Biotech’s Thrombosis-F5, F2 kit uses real-time PCR to simultaneously detect two important polymorphisms: 1691 G/A in the F5 gene and 20210 G/A in the F2 gene. It includes all required components, is combinable with all extraction methods and can be used with a variety of PCR instruments.

Astra Biotech`s philosophy is, put simply, preventing a disease is better than treating it. The early identification of thrombosis allows starting intensive preventive measures in time.

Astra Biotech’s portfolio also includes other products for genetic diagnostics, such as determination of an individual’s susceptibility or resistance to drugs.

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