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Change the way they feel about testing

Münster, 13 November 2007. For 6.5 million people with diabetes in Germany self-monitoring of blood sugar levels is an indispensable part of their therapy. However, many people shy away from regular measuring out of fear of the painful “pricks” of conventional lancing devices. Elderly people are often unable to use the small devices.
Pelikan Sun has now found a remedy, the first electronic lancing device in the world. Through its new system and simple handling for all age groups, the appliance guarantees a significant reduction of pain during lancing and a gentler and safer extraction of blood. 30 different levels of depth control ensure high sampling reliability while virtually eliminating pain. Pelikan Sun is especially suited to older patients through the simple operation with a large display and a lancet-disk containing 50 lancets and automatic lancet changing. In case of limited vision or hypoglycaemic tremor the appliance can also be easily operated. The precisely guided trajectory of the lancet ensures minimal trauma to the sample channel created by lancing. Minimal residual bruising and sensitivity improves finger health over time. Wound edges, inflammations and haematoma are avoided. Pelikan Sun has been available in Germany since November.
Pelikan Sun can be tested at MEDICA on stand C80, in hall 03.
Pelikan Technologies Inc. Improving the quality of life of people with diabetes, using the latest technology in such a way that the illness takes a back seat is the vision of Pelikan Technologies. The company is developing and producing innovative technical solutions for people with diabetes, making their everyday life with the illness noticeably easier. Pelikan Sun has started along this path, as provider of the first electronic lancing device for diabetics.
Pelikan Technologies was formed in Palo Alto, California, in 2001. Pelikan Technologies GmbH & Co. KG, which has its registered seat in Münster, is responsible as the European head office for the market launch and sale of products.