Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corporation

Chairman Yoon Kim holds the 48th Korea-Japan Business Conference

Chairman of Samyang Holdings, Yoon Kim, held 'the 48th Korea & Japan Business Conference from 17th to 18th May. This was hosted by Korea-Japan Economic Association (president: Yoon Kim) and Japan-Korea Economic Association (president: Mikio Sasaki). In this meeting, 318 chief executives discussed the way of improving association of business between two countries with the topic of “In the first year of friendship and economic association of Korea and Japan, let’s make the new world with expansion of economic, human resource, and cultural exchange"

Chairman Yoon Kim, who is the representative of Korea, stated strongly, “making 2016 as a first year of friendship and economic association of Korea-Japan, let’s cooperate together to establish future-oriented Korea-Japan relationship and public goods.”

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