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Chair for surgery use

VELA Jive surgery chair (model picture)

University Hospital Fossvogur, Reykjavik, Iceland
Department of Surgery
VELA Jive 100EF work chair. Link to product sheet

Department of surgery
Department of surgery comprise sections for neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, vascular surgery, ear nose and throat surgery, and plastic and reconstructive surgery. Operations in these fields are characterized by long durations, up to 6 hours, static and forward leaned working postures, and the need for changing between sedentary and standing position.
Furthermore neurosurgery, ear nose and throat surgery and vascular surgery demand a high degree of precision and accuracy.
The working area often must be kept sterile.

The VELA Jive chair has been tested by consultant surgeons in all sections of the department.

The surgeons and the head nurse in the operation theaters emphasize:

• The chair eases the work in the department of surgery
The VELA Jive chair is very comfortable, and you don’t get tired in the lumbar back, even during very long lasting operations. For long lasting operations good support relieves tension and pain in shoulder and neck.

• Comfort and safety during work
They are happy, that the back rest is low; It allows movement in the arms and shoulders, and supports the lower back. The back rest is easily adjusted to every single user of the chair. The seat is easily adjusted by the foot – even when you are dressed sterile.

• Easy access to the work area
The chair rolls very easily back and forth when the surgeon needs to pick up instruments.
The foot rest is useful for resting. It doesn’t take much room, and the tip up foot plate allows the chair to get close to the operation bed

• Multi adjustable armrests
The multi-adjustable arm rests are GREAT. They may be adjusted exactly as you prefer, according to the work task and the working position of the surgeon.
Especially for neurosurgery support and stability for the arms is essential for the precision of the surgery

VELA Jive 100 EF work chair