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Certified quality through consistent high standard

The Production of medical diagnostic devices is the crown of the ergometer manufacturing and daum electronic is homologated to develop and manufacture this type of devices. From this certification accrues a high degree of responsibility for the guaranteed quality of each single ergometer. We produce medical exercising devices carrying the seal of quality "Made in Germany", that are designed according to the guidelines of the law for medical products and satisfying the highest clinical requirements.

30 years experience developing ergometers and 500,000 sold ergometers make daum electronic a leader in the field of manufacturing medical diagnostic exercising devices. These ergometers, al certified according to CE 0297 and the severe standards for medical products according to DIN EN ISO 13485:2003 and RL 93/42/EWG appendix II, are in fact highly specialised medical devices, achieving ideal results in diagnostic as well as in rehabilitation applications. Various cardio exercising training programs, amongst others on the treadmill ergometer according to the Bruce Protocol, are integrated to the built in software as standard programs and can be extended to suit individual requirements.

A decisive factor to capturing exact medical data is the compatibility with other medical devices. The availability over all current interface protocols contributes to the connectivity of Daum ergometers to, for instance, ECG devices, and guarantees a smooth data exchange between the diagnostic devices. The premises there are to control complex processes by means of simple operations and to achieve maximal measurement precision. Thank to the Multilanguage control elements this is also possible on an international level.

Daum Ergometers feature first class communication capacities. A diagnostic therapeutic ergometer is not a simple training device; much more, it makes up the connection between the patient and the physician or therapist. All Daum medical devices have a USB interface, allowing access to internet and consequently the continuation and remote control of the therapy. The technical innovative interface contributes significantly to improving the communication between all the participating parties. A future oriented and success-promising therapy starts with a perfect communication.