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Arazy Group Consultants Inc.

Certified quality management: Arazy Group announces ISO 9001 certification

VANCOUVER, CANADA (NOVEMBER 12 2014): Marking a milestone in the company’s ongoing commitment to excellence, Arazy Group Consultants Inc. has been accredited with a Quality Management System Certificate in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. The international standard ISO 9001 outlines how to achieve high performance by implementing processes to improve operational efficiency at all levels.

“Satisfied customers are the key to a company’s success, and the key to a satisfied customer is a consistently high level of quality in the company’s products and services,” said Moshe Tzur, Quality Assurance Specialist and Corporate QA Manager for Arazy Group. “ISO 9001 provides a proven methodological framework for managing Arazy Group’s internal processes to ensure that our products and services reliably meet our customers’ expectations. This allows us to achieve and maintain compliance with the highest international quality standards.”

The scope of the certificate awarded to Arazy Group includes the provision of global medical and IVD device regulatory affairs, safety compliance, quality assurance, and licensing consulting services, including local authorized representative and importation services. All of these services are available through standard and advanced service technology tools.

Advantages of ISO 9001 at a glance:

Better quality management to meet the customers’ needs

Improved process efficiency, resulting in savings of time, money, and resources

Increased competitiveness and expanded trade opportunities

Increase in profits through reduction in errors

“In the past, productivity and price were the most critical factors for the success of a company,” said Benjamin Arazy, President and CEO of Arazy Group. “Today, in addition to a well thought-out product or service, flexible adaptation to ever changing market conditions and client requirements are essential quality standards. Arazy Group’s compliance with the ISO 9001 standard certifies that we are well equipped to meet these challenges through structured processes and clear responsibilities within our organization.”

About Arazy Group Consultants Inc.

Arazy Group Consultants Inc. is a global regulatory affairs firm providing technology services and products designed to streamline, simplify, and expedite international regulatory affairs for all types of medical and IVD devices. With 20 years of experience in the successful registration of thousands of medical devices around the globe, our service technology tools, customized management software, and integrated expert network optimize planning, process control, and resource management for the entire product regulatory life-cycle. Arazy Group is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. To learn more about Arazy Group, visit our website.