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Cephasonics Launches the cQUB-1

Cephasonics cQUB-1 White-Label Ultrasound System

Santa Clara, Calif., October 22, 2014—Cephasonics, a technology-innovation leader with a game-changing embedded-ultrasound platform, today announced the introduction of the cQUB™-1 (cQuest Ultrasound Box™-1), the first product in a new family of cQUB white-label ultrasound systems designed and manufactured by Cephasonics for purchase by companies to rebrand with their own brand name and model number.

“The cQUB family is the next natural progression in our go-to-market ultrasound solutions,” said Richard Tobias, CEO of Cephasonics. “In addition to the scanner, we designed a new simple clinical user interface for an iPad mini™ with intuitive touch controls, including scan-depth control and image-enhancement buttons. This provides ease-of-use and improved workflow efficiency.”

“Sonographer input and customer feedback was invaluable in the product and user-interface design process,” Mr. Tobias continued. “We’re seeing high interest in this market-ready product from our customer base and began our first customer shipments in August 2014.”

The cQUB-1 is a complete 64:192 (channels: multiplexed channels) ultrasound system with an integrated computer that has a connection on one end to an ultrasound transducer. It can be displayed on devices such as tablets, laptops or PCs (clients) using Cephasonics’ cQLink™ client/server wired or wireless technology. The entire system is fully encased in a tough industrial-plastic enclosure with a sturdy handle for portability. It can be configured for any setting, including pole mounting in either vertical or horizontal configurations.

Key Specifications

• Complete ultrasound system with 64 channels: 192 multiplexed channels and connection at one end to ultrasound probe

• Integrated computer with 4GB RAM and 30GB hard drive

• Cephasonics receive analog-front-end modules and AutoFocus™ receive beamformer

• Cephasonics transmit beamformer, 5-level pulsing

• All high voltage/low voltage rails from single 15V DC input

• Supports probes up to 192 elements: phased array, linear, convex, custom; 1D/2D

• Mid-processor for Doppler modes: CFM, PDI, PWD

• Simple clinical user interface for iPad mini

• cQuest Ultrasound API™ software

• cQLink networked TCP/IP client/server architecture

• Interfaces to USB, HDMI, Wi-Fi and Ethernet

• Dimensions: 14.14in/36.2cm (L) x 7.7in/19.7cm (W) x 5.14in/13.2cm (H)

• Weight: 11.31 lb/5kg


The cQUB-1 is available for order now with 8-weeks lead-time. For additional information, contact info@cephasonics.com.

About Cephasonics

A technology-innovation leader with a game-changing embedded-ultrasound platform, Cephasonics provides a complete range of cQuest™-based technology, systems and components that increase the performance, lower the power and accelerate time-to- market of ultrasound devices. The company’s cQuest Ultrasound API™ software is the catalyst for customer innovations that are spurring a revolution in ultrasound from image-guided procedures to ultrasound as an appliance. Launched with a management buyout in March 2012 and headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., Cephasonics’ technology, including its AutoFocus™ beamforming technology, has won multiple industry awards for innovation. Additional information about Cephasonics can be found at www.cephasonics.com.

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