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Cool Blaze Products Inc.

Centuries Old Cure To Treat Burns Naturally

Cool Blaze with Aloe Vera Burn Dressing, Burn Gel and Fire Blankets

Introducing Cool Blaze with Aloe-Vera – An ‘All Natural’ Burn Care Product.

The latest in hydro gel burn care, Cool Blaze with Aloe Vera treats burns naturally. An essential first aid treatment for burns, Cool Blaze with Aloe Vera is effective as it is gentle.

Most hydro gel dressings for the first aid treatment of burns contain Melaleuca oil or tea tree oil. While tea tree oil is known to heal tissues, many find its odour offensive, and in some cases it is harsh on sensitive skin and may cause allergic reactions. Now for the first time, Cool Blaze with Aloe Vera introduces a new gentle, ‘all-natural’ formulation in hydro gel dressings which is designed to treat minor burns and sunburns.

For centuries, the Aloe Vera plant has been used to treat burns. This miracle plant doesn’t just heal burns caused by fire, but also provides relief to sunburns. Packed with vitamins A, C, E and B12, Aloe Vera helps quicken the healing process.

Providing effective and immediate first aid burn treatment, Cool Blaze with Aloe Vera cools, soothes and revitalizes the skin. It is odourless and features a thick viscous gel that stays on top of the burn wound, cooling the skin surface at all times.

Cool Blaze Hydro-gels are 95% Purified Water and contains no lidocaine or benzocaine. Available in various dressing sizes, gels and burn blankets, Cool Blaze with Aloe Vera is conveniently packaged for treating a variety of skin burns.

Cool Blaze with Aloe Vera is a product of Cool Blaze Products Inc., a US based company that specialises in burn care products. Established in 2011, the company is focused on producing quality products at competitive prices. Its manufacturing facilities are ISO – 13485:2003 certified.