CentroPRO - The Newest Microplate Luminometer from Berthold Technologies

CentroPRO is the newest member of the microplate luminometer family of Berthold Technologies. The instrument is characterized by

Easy operation via the innovative instrument software ICE software:
wizard guided definition of measurement parameters
various export formats (Excel, Adobe PDF, text)
intuitive menus

High sensitivity due to Single Photon Counting technology and low noise detectors:
less than 20 amol ATP and 7.5 zmol Firefly luciferase respectively

Big dynamic range over 6 decades

Small footprint with a width of only 30 cm

All important glow-type luminescence applications

CentroPRO is a universally applicable luminometer for research and routine use. It enables the measurement of all important glow-type luminescence applications: e.g. reporter genes, dual re-porter genes, ATP, cell viability, caspases, kinases, proteases, monoaminoxidase or Mycoplasma contamination.