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Cellab GmbH

Cellab enlarges its new business activity

Cellab customized hollow fiber modules

In September 2015, Cellab GmbH enlarged its business activity portfolio and took over the customized module production and development from its sister company ALPHA PLAN. It aims at becoming the specialist in hollow fiber module production.

Cellab is already a key actor in cell cultivation with its innovative Cellab® Bioreactor System. It combines affordable single-use cell culturing with precise automation for standardization of lab scale and small scale applications. The modular platform design of the disposable set allows for selection of the optimal individual bioreactor configuration, such as hollow fiber membrane, flat membrane or scaffold holder, according to the cell culture needs to achieve high efficiency and reproducibility. A reusable docking station operates the disposable set.

The company is now also developing and manufacturing hollow fiber membranes and membrane-based modules suitable for various applications in the pharma, medical device and biotechnology industry.

Due to its in-house module development and manufacturing capability, Cellab can provide a wide range of module configurations as well as membranes, housings, and connection ports. Besides, Cellab offer value-added services such as design engineering with 2D and 3D industrial design and rapid prototyping or feasibility studies. The company also contract-manufactures from pilot scale to high volume mass and serial production in-house using standardized designs and assembly line techniques or help companies construct entire manufacturing facilities on their premises in cooperation with their sister company Alpha Plan (www.alpha-plan.de).

For more information, visit their new website: www.cellab.eu.