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Cellab® - Efficiency in cell culturing

With effect from July 1, 2014 ALHA PLAN decided to spin-off their trademark Cellab® for its cell culture products. New founded Cellab GmbH is a subsidiary of Alpha Membrane Technologies, to which belongs ALPHA PLAN too.

ALPHA PLAN continues to deal as special machine producer and technology supplier for medical disposable products. Cellab GmbH focuses on the development, production and sales of bioreactor systems for the red biotechnology market. Situated in Radeberg/Sachsen, the start-up presents its dynamic Cellab® Bioreactor System - a family of disposable cell culturing products

With its innovative product, Cellab developed a system which on the one hand mimics the way how cells grow in the body. On the other hand they present a closed system which guarantees stable and repeatable growth conditions for biologicals in a sterile environment.

This is revolutionizing the cell culturing market, especially in regards to production of proteins (e.g. MABs), biomass (e.g. MSCs), artificial skin, and 3D tissue (e.g. cartilage or bone).