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CellaVision's Image Analysis Becomes Gold Standard at Labs in Swedish County Council

CellaVision, which develops and sells digital morphology products for the routine analysis of blood and other body fluids, has received a first order from the Swedish county council Region Västra Götaland as a part of the supply agreement from 2008. The order comprises two units of the CellaVision® DM96 analyzer, which will be installed at two of the region's university hospitals with clinical chemistry laboratories. The aim is to tie the whole region together by using software for remote access.

"We have been working with Sahlgrenska University Hospital since 2002 and we are very pleased that they are upgrading their current analyzers. The fact that the entire region is introducing digital morphology as a standard method of assessing cells in blood and body fluids is an indication that the transition from manual to automated microscopy is fully under way in the Nordic region," says Yvonne Mårtensson, CEO of CellaVision.

CellaVision's products will connect the hospitals in the county council, creating a more efficient flow of cell images and analytical information in the health system. Digital morphology is an important part of establishing a diagnosis for a number of diseases, including certain infections as well as diseases of the blood.

"Introducing digital morphology in all our large clinical chemistry laboratories is part of the region's strive for digitalized laboratory medicine," says Stefan Jacobsson, Associate Professor at the Clinical Chemistry laboratory at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital. "Our experience from the Sahlgrenska and Östra hospitals is directing us towards using digital morphology in several units. By using CellaVision's technology we no longer have to rely on sample results and images being transported by post or courier. Instead we use our own network to transfer information, making response times shorter and improving diagnostic quality. This technology also allows us to digitally consult colleagues at other laboratories in the region, which is more efficient."

The Region Västra Götaland and CellaVision entered into the agreement in 2008, aiming at four analyzers with both blood and body fluid applications. The first two will now be installed at the Sahlgrenska and Östra University Hospitals in Gothenburg, and the other two will be installed at two county hospitals. The agreement includes software for networks and remote access, CellaVision® Remote Review Software, which will allow the university hospital in Mölndal and four other hospitals to assess cell images remotely. In total, nine hospitals in the county will be equipped with the education software CellaVision® Competency Software.

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