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Cause of Fatty Deposits in the Hearts Settled

Photo: Doctor examines x-ray

Most patients with diabetes die
from cardiac diseases;
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This could form the basis for even more heart-friendly treatments of diabetes patients, especially in the early stages of the disease. In the study 18 healthy women and men were given a large amount of grape sugar intravenously. “Within as few as six hours, the glucose already caused clearly visible fatty deposits in the heart. The injection of grape sugar, in combination with the release of insulin caused by the sugar, resulted in an overexertion of the heart’s metabolism,“ said the study’s director Michael Krebs. This proves that fatty deposits can occur without the direct influx of fats.

This was made visible for the first time using magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy. “This method makes it possible to observe the beating heart, not only as it works, but non-invasively and without ionizing radiation as it metabolizes energy,“ explained Martin Krssak of University Department of Internal Medicine.

In Austria alone, around 500,000 people are affected by diabetes. “The first diagnosis usually occurs by accident and on average five years too late,“ said Krebs. Most patients with diabetes die of heart diseases. “Our data show that the foundation for damage can be laid early on, especially in patients with high blood sugar and hyperinsulinemia – an elevated insulin level – during prediabetes and early diabetes.“ Building on these new findings in relation to elevated blood sugar (hyperglycaemia) and hyperinsulinemia, MedUni Vienna is conducting studies that should help to make the treatment of diabetes patients even more heart-friendly.; Source: Medical University of Vienna