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CardioMed Treadmills

CardioMed Treadmills

Strategic Product Launch: HealthCare International Launches Medical Grade Treadmill Series.

HealthCare International a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialized medical and rehabilitation products is pleased to announce the release of their new series of medical grade CardioMed Treadmills.

Commenting upon the announcement, Glenn Safadago, President and CEO of HealthCare International said, " The CardioMed treadmills are specifically designed to be interfaced with and controlled by a wide variety of Cardiac and Pulmonary Stress Testing Systems such as Schiller, Norav, Mortara, Cardioline, Cosmed and many more. In addition the treadmills can be controlled with an optional Windows based tablet Control Panel. With over 32 years' experience in the clinical treadmill manufacturing industry HCI Fitness has designed, built and tested the CardioMed treadmills to be the quintessential treadmill that provides customers a dependable and affordable high quality product to meet their needs."

Heidi Fyall, Director of Sales and Marketing of HealthCare International, said, “As a family oriented business, we have invested in the future with well-trained sales and technical service staff, with the willingness to expand and adapt, while retaining traditional values of good service and a fair deal. Launching the CardioMed range of treadmills provides our experienced team at HealthCare with the opportunity to fully capitalize on our abilities and knowledge of the treadmill industry, while having the opportunity of working with the world’s leading cardiologists and exercise physiologists."

HealthCare International, Inc., is a leading International developer of innovative medical and commercial exercise and rehabilitation products. To learn more about HealthCare International, visit or contact them at 360.321.7090