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Cancer prevention: Beneficial and ultimately personal

There are many decisions to be made in an adult life; among them are cancer prevention screenings. They are voluntary and many people deliberate whether they should go or not and if they would actually want to know the results. Apart from screening participants, science, politics and health care professionals also ponder with each new preventive service whether it is beneficial and who should end up paying for it.


Photo: Signposts pointing to "wellness" and "illness"

Would you rather know you are well or not know if you were ill? From a patient's point of view, there are reasons for and against screenings; © dirkercken

Photo: Physician points an endoscope towards the camera

The coloscopy is one of the most important screening examinations. It is also very safe; ©

Photo: Patient while a mammography screening

The benefit of screening is shown by the dimensions - the amount of tumors and precancerous masses that are healed or removed in time needs to be extrapolated to the total amount of potential screening participants; ©

Photo: Timo Roth; Copyright: B. Frommann

©B. Frommann