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Saringer Life Science Technologies Inc.

Canadian Medical Device Company Launches International Distribution of its Portable CVI Pump

Toronto, October 16, 2009 - Saringer Life Science Technologies Inc. has available an innovative new device it has developed for use by patients suffering from a wide variety of symptoms associated with chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) and post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS). The device can also help prevent post-operative deep vain thrombosis (DVT).

Marketed as “Venowave”, the device is a fully portable, battery-operated peristaltic pump, which patients can readily strap to their calf. The pump then applies upward pressure in a repetitive “wave” motion, increasing venous flow and reducing venous pressure. Venous pressure reduction reverses limb swelling and tissue tension, while the increased blood flow reduces the risk of a thrombus forming.

Other treatment strategies for CVI include compression therapy, using either graduated compression stockings (GCS) or intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) devices. While both can treat venous insufficiency effectively, patients often find it inconvenient to comply with their respective protocols. The Venowave, however, makes compliance easy. It can be worn by patients during their normal activities inside the hospital, at home, or even out-of-doors. A single, rechargeable, Ni-MH battery powers Venowave, keeping it lightweight, fully portable, and discreet – while delivering increased, continuous blood flow. Due to the Venowave sequential wave-form action, there is greatly reduced backflow.

The Venowave was designed and developed by inventor and entrepreneur John Saringer working with Dr. Jack Hirsh, a world renowned expert in Thrombosis from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Dr. Hirsh saw the need for a user-friendly, out of hospital completely portable peristaltic pump, that patients could wear comfortably for hours, allowing them to continue their daily activities in comfort and with freedom of movement, for the conditions indicated..

Technically, the Venowave delivers a sequential wave motion which produces an upward volumetric displacement. This translates to an increase in venous and lymph flow. The resultant blood flow has been measured by Duplex-ultrasound at an 88% increase in the common femoral vein after 50 minutes of Venowave treatment at 10 cycles per minute.

In North America, Venowave has been approved by Health Canada and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In Europe, it has obtained a CE Mark number for treating CVI, lymphedema, varicose veins, leg swelling due to vascular insufficiency, and intermittent claudication. In addition, the device is approved to help prevent DVT and primary thrombosis. It is also indicated for managing PTS symptoms, diminishing post-operative pain and swelling, as well as enhancing blood circulation.

Executives at Saringer Life Science Technologies Inc. are using MEDICA, the world’s largest annual medical trade fair, to help them develop global distribution support for Venowave, in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

For complete information on Venowave, visit Saringer Life Science Technologies at MEDICA 2009 Düsseldorf, Germany, November 18-21, 2009, Building 5, Stand N40 – look for the red Maple Leaf above.

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