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Canada Returns to MEDICA

Exhibitors focus on European Market

Canadian Firm to Showcase Technology That Can Help Contain Avian Bird Flu

Toronto, November 9 -- Thirty nine Canadian healthcare technology exhibitors are readying their innovations and services for next week’s MEDICA 2005 in Duesseldorf, Germany. The annual four-day show (Nov. 16-19) is the world’s largest medical trade fair. Expected are a record number of over 4,300 exhibitors from 65 countries. MEDICA, which fills all 18 buildings of the sprawling Messe Duesseldorf fairgrounds bordering the Rhine River, includes ComPaMed (Nov. 16-18) specifically for the medical manufacturing sector and a scientific congress featuring the latest in medical technology research.

Now in its 37th year, the 130,000 plus expected visitors to MEDICA 2005 will see a wide range of Canadian technologies on display -- including a new tool for assessing the risk of injuries to babies during childbirth, a series of high quality made-in-Canada massage machines, and a unique disposer that can not only safely treat medical waste but also chop up and completely sterilize the carcasses of poultry infected with Avian Bird Flu.

“MEDICA this year comes at a time when global health is on everyone’s minds,” says Stefan Egge, Messe Duesseldorf’s resident representative in Canada who also is responsible for Canadian pavilion space at MEDICA. “It will be interesting to see how much of an issue possible pandemics and the technology to combat them will be at the show.”

One booth and exhibitor sure to attract attention is Eco Concepts of Guelph, Ontario and its president, Frederick W. deVries, as he explains the workings of the company’s latest model of the Ecolotec Medical Waste Treatment Unit. It is capable of processing 300 kilograms an hour -- or about 150 average size chickens.

“We have certified that the residue from such carcasses is 100 percent sterile,” says Mr. deVries. “It comes out just like sawdust and is so completely germ free it can be used as residential landfill. What’s more, while it does its work, the Ecolotec produces absolutely no pollution.”

Equally proud of their patented “percussive” technology is Thumper Massager Inc.of Markham, Ontario and its president, Ines Sajgalik.

“For the past few years we’ve been getting calls from individual doctors, chiropractors and other massager users in Europe, because they are so impressed with the quality of our Canadian massagers compared to others from Asia and elsewhere. They want to know where to buy them,” says Mrs. Sajgalik. “So we’re going to MEDICA for the first time to find more European distributors. One of our clients in Norway recommended MEDICA to us and said there was no better trade show in the world for doing that.”

Another first time exhibitor, LMS Medical Systems of Montreal, will unveil for the first time in Europe its CALM™ Shoulder Screen, a tool for assessing the risk of severe shoulder dystocia. This condition occurs during the birthing process and is an important cause of injury and source of malpractice lawsuits in obstetrics.

“Until now, shoulder dystocia has been considered largely unpredictable,” says Dr. Emily Hamilton MDCM, FRCSC and Founder, Vice President Medical Research at LMS . “But using known risk factors about mothers and infants, we have developed a statistical model that can assess the risk of shoulder dystocia before labor, enabling clinical teams to make decisions before the crisis occurs, thus improving patient safety and potentially saving hospitals millions of dollars in payouts.”

For more information about Canada’s participation at MEDICA contact:
Stefan Egge
Messe Düsseldorf (Canada)
Tel.: (416)-598-1524